Cranbury Music presents
The Circle of Fifths.

This is a music theory learning
aid to help you visualize the
Circle of Fifths and learn all
the associated key signatures
as they appear on each
of the different clefs.

Click on any of the notes in
the Circle of Fifths to see
the signatures for that key
on all the clefs.

You may notice that moving
half way around the circle
clockwise brings us to F#,
while counter-clockwise half
way brings us to Gb. We call
F# and Gb enharmonic* notes.
A perfect fifth is a musical
interval of seven semi-tones,
or half-steps. If you start at
the lowest C on the piano and
move upward a fifth, you come
to G, which is to the right of
C on the Circle of Fifths. If
you continue upward by fifths,
you will move around the circle
clockwise. The 12th fifth brings
you back to C, the highest note
on the keyboard; and also back
to the top of the Circle of Fifths.
As we move around the circle
clockwise, we add a sharp to
(remove a flat from)
the signature
of the key of the same name.

From this we see that 12 perfect
fifths are musically equal* to
seven complete octaves.

Copyright 2010 Cranbury Music