Jammin' at Jambo
Scout Jamboree Bands
Scout bands have been making great music at Scout Jamborees
ever since Baden-Powell coined the word "Jamboree" and organized
the First World Scout Jamboree in London, England back in 1920.
2010 National Jamboree
Fort A. P. Hill
Caroline County, Virginia

Bill Nelson,
Jamboree Band Senior Staff





Bill Nelson has directed the National Jamboree Band in 1977, 1981, 1985, 1989, 1993, 1997, 2001, 2005, and 2010.
Bill also tells great stories.

Jambo Band Slide Show    2010 Jambo Bandstand    Jambo Band Roster    Jambo 2010 Song
Jeff Kitzman took a lot of the pictures - which probably explains why he appears in so few of them.
That's the common fate of photographers. He also put together the slide show. Thanks, Jeff.

A band within a band - The Jamboree Jazz Band - organized by Dave Mruzek

2005 National Jamboree
Fort A. P. Hill
Caroline County, Virginia

1998 Jersey Jamboree
Waterloo Village, Stanhope
Sussex County, New Jersey

The Jersey Jamboree Band - Scott Smith, Director

1997 National Jamboree
Fort A. P. Hill
Caroline County, Virginia

1960 National Jamboree
Golden Jubilee of the BSA
Colorado Springs, Colorado

You can tell right away this is not Fort A. P. Hill.

1950 National Jamboree
Second BSA National Jamboree
Valley Forge, Pennsylvania

This 1950 Jambo Band needed George Pinchock to supervise their picture.

1937 National Jamboree
First BSA National Jamboree
The Mall, Washington, D.C.

Maurice D. Taylor,

First National Scout Jamboree, Opening Ceremony

Capt. Taylor Branson,
Director, Marine Band,
Guest Conductor

The Iraan, Texas Scout Band Came to Jambo 37

1920 World Jamboree
First World Scout Jamboree
Olympia, London, England

(above) Baden-Powell At
First World Jamboree

(left) Band of The
Eleventh Sutton Troop